“My session with Annie was not just relaxing, but deeply informational. She did an in-depth health consultation prior to our acupuncture session, and took the time to dive deeper. Ultimately this informed the pressure points she selected and I felt very involved and respected in the process. The session itself was incredibly rejuvenating, and she even gave me ear seeds so I could keep up with my stress management all week after the session. Annie followed up with an unexpected recipe for corn silk tea that I found to be really soothing. I would recommend Annie to anyone.”
— Johanna, Manhattan

Joyful Patients

“Annie is magical. And wonderfully explained acupuncture to me as a newbie. She was patient, loving, and definitely adores what she does (which shines through)!”

 - Heather, brooklyn

“Annie McDonnell is a loving and wonderful healer! My gua sha facial with gemstones was rejuvenating and relaxing and I noticed a definite difference in how my skin looked (better) and how I felt (calm and happy) when Annie finished her magic. I can’t wait to book another one!”

— tami, manhattan

“Annie’s gemstone facial is a transformative experience. A truly holistic facial that left me feeling radiant from the inside out. She made me feel pampered and special. I would Highly, Highly, Highly recommend you make facials a part of your regular self-care regimen. I sure am! Her vibe is warm and comforting; she thoroughly explains the treatment process to you so you know what to expect and above all, every stroke of her gua sha tool is delivered with such intention and care it is truly uplifting!
Thank You Annie, You ROCK!!”

— sashana, brooklyn

“Working with Annie feels to me like having a partner joining you on a journey. She is committed to supporting the path and goals I’m looking to achieve. She has a wide range of tools in her arsenal, which makes the process exciting and surprising every time. Annie will show up with well researched and studied solutions for every new session. Annie helped me connect deeper to myself through the problems I was experiencing on the surface, and those problems have improved significantly!"

 — DAN, brooklyn

“I have had four treatments with Annie and each time has been an incredible experience. She is very authentic, caring, and knows her stuff. I have her very special facials and my skin is glowing and my jawline is back. Yay!!!”

— Ann-marie, brooklyn